The Best Garden Watering System

The Best Garden Watering System

Growing your own crops is something that many people would like to try. With the popularity of organic products produced in their own homes, it is a trend that is happening in the gardening world. One of the things that hinders a lot of people from having their own crops is the water bills that they expect to get. Many think that in order to harvest a good quality and quantity of crops, their water bill first need to sky rocket. This is actually a wrong belief. Although your water bill would increase, it wouldn’t be that high if you just know how to efficiently water your plants. This is true even for summer months.

Your gardening watering system will depend on different factors such as the kind of crop that you have in you garden. Shallow rooted plants such as onions will be easier for you to water by simply making use of your watering can. For other crops that will require more from you, you might want to make use of drip irrigation or soaker hoses from reliable brands such as hozelock. For those that really need a of water to survive, rain may not be able to provide all the water that it needs. This is why you need to supplement it with other ways of irrigation.

Weeding And Mulching Helps
Weeds are never welcome in a garden not only because it competes with the nutrients that your plants get but also the water available in the soil. Making sure that you control the weed growth plus make use of mulch can help you conserve water that would normally be lost. Weeds such as the crab grass can take up to 80 gallons of water to grow just a single pound of plant tissue.

When weeds are controlled, a more efficient watering system will be established. The mulch, in the form of compost will help the soil to retain the water that is in it. The more organic material, such as coffee grounds or leaves, the better are the chances of your crops to survive in the summer. The mulch can also help lower down the temperature of the soil’s surface so that the evaporation of the soil can also be prevented.

Drip Irrigation And Soaker Hoses
Drip irrigations system can water your plants by making use of a network of hoses that have emitters and drippers. Each of these are spaced at varying intervals and is perfect for crops that are planted in a row. It would be best to make use of this irrigation system if the crops are planted in a levelled bed.

Soaker hoses are made up of a material that will allow the water to pass through its walls. It is like a long hose that is sweating up water for your plants. The soaker hoses are your best bet when you have crops that are planted close to one another. Aside from the commercial soaker hoses, you can also make one on your own by getting old hoses and drilling holes in them.