Different Types of Mattress

Different Types of Mattress

Over the last few years a variety of different types of mattress have been introduced and each new type is claimed to be better than the last. As a mattress is not an everyday purchase, you can be forgiven for not keeping up with what is new in the world of mattresses but when the time does come for you to buy a new mattress you will need to know the differences between. Fortunately you do not have to wait till you get to the store to find out about these new types of mattresses as websites like the one by Epic Home Ideas have all the details of each of the different types, on their website where you can read about them.

Originally everybody would use box mattresses which were basically springs which were padded in order to provide comfort. Later foam mattresses were available and as these were comfortable they became very popular. Unfortunately though, after a few years of constant use, the foam would start to become misshaped and uncomfortable. The foam mattresses had to be able to keep their shape and so designers designed memory foam mattresses which used technology developed for the space program using foam that would always return to its original shape regardless of how many times you laid on it.

Unfortunately the memory foam mattresses were found to have one drawback too and that was that they could become overheated due to a build-up of heat in the area you laid which was disturbing, especially if it was already warm where you lived. To rectify this problem the designers added a gel to the memory foam used in mattress manufacturing and this gel helped to disperse the heat more evenly throughout the mattress, avoiding build-ups in any one area.

Today the ultimate mattress is said to have been introduced, the so called ‘all foam’ mattress. This is a mattress which has a layer of solid foam at the bottom to give support and a layer of regular foam on top to increase comfort. On top of the layer of regular foam is a layer of memory foam in order to ensure that the mattress keeps its shape and on top of the memory foam is a layer of memory foam with gel. This top layer is there ot ensure that the mattress has no heat build-ups from the layer of memory foam beneath it.

These latest mattresses sound very comfortable and very durable but unfortunately they can be a little too expensive for many people. The manufacturers however have come up with a solution for this too. The solution is that they now also make mattress toppers as well as full mattresses. The mattress toppers can be made from memory foam or gel but are not as thick as a mattress as they are specifically designed to be used on top of your old mattress or on top of any other, cheaper mattress. The toppers can provide expensive comfort at more reasonable prices.