The E-cigarettes Explained

The E-cigarettes Explained

Those who are not familiar with the electronic cigarette may find it amazing to see a guy puff out fumes out of a seemingly weird and unusual gadget. Well, this gadget is what we call e-cigarette and thousands of people are slowly shifting to the use of this new stuff as an alternative to the traditional cigarettes. I remember the first time I laid my eyes on this kind of stuff while I went out to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. At the sight of it, it made me curious, so I got to find vapor store dallas texas to get a closer look at this stuff. Truly the first time I laid my hands on an e-cig, I found it pretty amazing.

The e-cig, as it is fondly called, is a battery-powered system that delivers electronically the nicotine that a user aches to have. It has a familiar feel similar to that of tobacco smoking, although the stuff doesn’t contain tobacco. Yet, it uses nicotine from the said plant.

The e-cig doesn’t produce the smoke of a cigarette. However, it does produce an aerosol, which has been always wrongly referred to as vapor. The mechanism of e-cig is quite simple. It has a heating element which readily atomizes the e-liquid. The constitutions of e-liquid are glycerin, nicotine, propylene glycol, and other flavorings.

There are studies conducted on the use of e-cig and how the vapor from it impacts the health of its users. Yet, there is still a lack of long-term studies which would categorically say that it has no long-term impact on the health of its users. However, generally, the prevailing idea is that the use of e-cigarette is relatively safer as compared to the use of the traditional cigarettes. There are evidences that suggest that the effects of the vapor of the e-cig are not neutral. Likewise, it is found that it contains free radicals that may impact and affect the DNA and immune system of a person. For this reason, medical practitioners are relatively tentative in recommending the use of e-cigarette as an alternative to the traditional cigarettes.

How is the E-cigarette constructed?

The shape of most e-cigs is often cylindrical. Yet, there are box-shaped and pipe-shaped brands. The parts are almost identical among the different brands. There is the battery which powers the system. Likewise, there is also the atomizer, the sensor which has the smart chip, which readily sends signals to the battery. There is the smart chip microprocessor which gives signals to the battery. There are also the e-cigarette cartridges or the atomizers which are the central parts of the e-cig because they are the parts that produce the vapor which is nicotine-laden. The cartridges are disposable and usually prefilled with nicotine juices. Moreover, the cartridges are screwed to the receiving end of the battery, and the cartridges also have the atomizer, that is why they are also called the “atomizer.”

There are other essential parts and pieces of the starter kit such as the USB charger, the vehicle adapter, the portable charger, and a personal charging case. These different parts constitute the starter kit which you will definitely get the first time you buy an e-cig kit.